OUR MISSION – We allow our customers to concentrate on their core activities by offering them the highest level of services, giving them the feeling of security and taking the problems away.

Both in our professional and private lives we follow the following principles.



Human relations are vital to us. We respect all people from our working environment respecting every individual.



We strongly believe that professionalism is inseparable element of well-working entity.



Our employees are perfectionists who do not take half measures. We try to hone even the most minor activity.


Honesty and trust

While making decisions we are always guided by the code of ethics and moral norms. We believe that acting honestly we create an image of a trustworthy company.

CSR – We are implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With our every step we, Grupa Doradczo-Księgowa Poncyljusz i Radź, accept the responsibility for our employees, customers, investors, society, region and development of our and the world's economy.