Learn more about us, our business activity and the requirements we set out for candidates willing to work in Grupa Doradczo-Księgowa Poncyljusz i Radź. We also encourage students to take advantage of spending their training period learning full scope of accountancy, ranging from documentation to balance sheet. Please leave your CV and continue, or embark, on career in our company                  



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Joanna Sikorska

HR Business Partner

We are looking for passionate people who are committed to their development and development of the company. We highly-regard equivalent knowledge as well as professional knowledge and experience gained in other companies in accounting, HR and payroll and finance departments. We offer possibility of development throughout professional internal and external trainings, and work supervised by the most experienced and versatile specialists in accounts and HR and payroll.

Grupa Doradczo- Księgowa Poncyljusz i Radź is a constantly learning entity, we are open to new services and markets, we invest in our employees by i.a. foreign language learning and development of hard and soft competency. We choose team workers carefully to make sure everyone feels good in the company. We invest in modern technology and work on modern accounting software. The employees recommend our company as the place where the broadest and most extensive knowledge can be gained.


    1. Read the requirements set forth in the offer and make sure that the offered position fulfils your expectancies and is consistent with your professional interests.
    2. Prepare application documents, that is CV and covering letter.
    3. Wait for us to contact you - we will make an appointment in our office.
    4. Come to the meeting - it will last an hour. We will check your competency, skills and, if needed, your knowledge of foreign languages.
    5. After positive result of the job interview we will invite you for an interview with the department manager you are applying to. This meeting will take no more than 30 minutes.

Upon each stage we will certainly contact you to share the information, no matter what the result will be.

Do you want to find yourself on labour market, gain necessary experience, learn the character of accountancy or HR and payroll professions, deepen your practical knowledge? Come and start 3 months long training / apprenticeship. Under the watchful eye of our specialists, running comprehensive accountancy of medium and big entities, gain priceless experience and build-up a solid basis before starting your professional career. We can adjust your training schedule to your timetable.


    1. Send your CV and a covering letter. You can be also referred to do the training by your university, academic career centre or just send your application to us
    2. Wait for us to contact you - we will make an appointment in our office
    3. Come for a job interview - we will talk about your motivation and reasons for which we decided to apply.

A lot of our trainees were hired after finishing their training period. Those we cannot hire at the particular time we enter into our files and will certainly contact them in the future.

Come to us and see how the professional people work.

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