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Information on cookie files

What are the cookie files?
Those are alphanumerical (text) files which are being saved on a user computer while visiting our website (or updated – in case of subsequent visit).

How do we use the cookie files?
We do not process nor gather information which allow for direct identification of any personal data. The cookies are used in our service for statistical purposes (concerning i.e. number of visitors) and in order to ensure correct work of our services and to provide more adjusted content.

Can the cookie files support be disabled?
Yes, you can disable them at any time by changing setting of your browser in respect to Cookies.

How to disable the cookies functionality in each browser:

  • Google Chrome
    You need to click on the menu (top right corner), Settings > Advanced Settings. In “Privacy” you need to click Content settings. In “Cookie files” you can change the following settings for cookie files:
    Remove cookie files
    Blocking cookie files by default
    Allowing cookie files by default
    Keeping cookie files and websites data until quitting the browser
    Setting exceptions for cookie files with particular websites or domain
  • Internet Explorer
    In the browser menu (top right corner): Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, Sites button. Move the slider to set the level. All changes need to be confirmed by the OK button.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    In the browser menu: Options > Privacy Activate the field “Firefox will”: “use custom settings for history”.
    The option Accept cookies decides whether or not the cookies will be accepted.
  • Opera
    In the browser menu: Tools > Preferences > Advanced.
    The option Accept cookies decides whether or not the cookies will be accepted.
  • Safari
    In the drop-down menu of Safari you need to choose Preferences and click the Security icon. You can choose the level of security in the “Accept cookie files” field.

Dissembling or blocking cookies support may cause malfunction of our website. If your browser accepts the support of Cookie files, it means you have agreed to use cookies by our website.