kierownik Katarzyna polańska

Economy and accountancy service of construction work contracts, so called "contract economist" exceeds the standard counselling or accountancy services. It comprises of record and control activities, settlements and planning that concern a contract carried out by customer (and subcontractors).

The service includes wide range of activities, for example:

    • co-creation, updating and control of the contract/ project budget implementation together with the Contract/ Project Manager,
    • control of invoices, accounts and all liabilities in scope of formal fulfilment and accounting requirements as well as control of their correctness and compliance with concluded agreements, introducing those documents to a finance and accounting system in separate debit items,
    • issuance and record of sale invoices into a finance and accounting system upon customer authorisation, issuance of orders within the executed contract,
    • control of settlements with contractors/ subcontractors within advance payment settlement, timely payment, settlement of retention money etc,
    • preparation of information concerning the worth of works in progress, not build-in materials and preparation, together with the Contract/ Project Manager, information on work advancement and compliance with schedule,
    • preparation of the final report of contract in the economic part and settlement of the contract, performed together with the Contract/ Project Manager.
Ekonomista kontraktu. Katarzyna Polańska
Katarzyna Polańska

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